Logging in to BeyondPay Support


Step 1:


To get started, click the Sign In button in the top right of the page.


Step 2:

Select the "Forgot my password" link beneath the Sign In button:


Step 3:

Enter the email address you use to contact support normally, and select the Submit button:


Step 4:

Follow the steps provided in the e-mail to change your password, and log in. 
Click your name in the top right of the screen, and select the "My Activities" item at the top of this list:


Step 5:

This page is a list of all of the support tickets that have been created that have you as the assigned "Requester", the person for whom the support task is requested by. 

Note the status filter to the right hand side of the table. You can filter to tickets that are open, solved, or awaiting your response.

You can also view requests that you have been CC'd on by clicking the associated link:


Note the Submit a request link- This allows you to submit support requests internally to our support system, instead of emailing. If you need to submit a support request containing sensitive information- It is highly recommended that you use the Submit a request function. 


You can set your request to be secured- Locking all attachments and information to inside of our ticketing system, so that sensitive information is not sent via e-mail.

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