August 2017 Release Synopsis (Condensed Version)

To take place on August 24, 2017 at 4:00 pm


This is an overview of what we note as the most important and relevant system updates in a condensed form. If you would like to read the Summary Release Notes for the 8.24.17 release, click here or go to Support Center>Release Notes>2017 Release Notes> August 2017 Summary


  • Retro-pay - Retroactive Pay support - a new rollup earnings type
  • Historical Voids - helpful for any negative earnings situation
  • PII Audit Report - shows anyone that viewed 1099's or W2's during a period of time
  • Mass add/edit of earnings at administrative level
  • Admin Level Vendors, to use for Child Support in states

Learn more by going to the full payroll release notes hereRelease_Notes_Arrow.png

Time & Labor Management

  • Better support for the first weekday by EIN (when the first weekday is different for multi-EIN)
  • Various Pay Calc V2 additional filters and rules
  • Counter Distribution Report (includes a % distribution!!)
  • Skills added to Time Off Planning (Skill tracking seems to be an increasing theme as relates to scheduling)
  • Timesheet Profile - New Check Distance Rules - check distance from a working cost center

Learn more by going to the full TLM release notes hereRelease_Notes_Arrow.png

Human Resources

  • New evidence of insurability option - No Need to provide if already provided and no change
  • ID required on dependents under 1-year-old
  • Moving the order of groups of benefits in Benefit Profile
  • EOI Tiers based on Date, # Years, Minimum, Guaranteed Units, Increase %
  • Compensation management improvements
  • Employee Information: Country Code added (for phone numbers)
  • Tax Information on HR Action
  • Company Logo and Theme on Jobs Portal
  • New Tabs configuration options on Performance Review Profiles
  • Ratings, Entry Comments and General Comments can now be configured by section of performance review
  • HR Actions added to workflows -- So an HR action can be dependent upon completion of a workflow step.

Learn more by going to the full HR release notes hereRelease_Notes_Arrow.png







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