New Mobile App User Guide

The new Mobile App can be downloaded from your mobile device. This new App works independently of the previous Mobile App and independently of your desktop experience.  

Mobile Device Support

The new UI mobile experience will be supported for Android and iOS devices. The table below shows which mobile devices are supported with the new UI.


Mobile Operating System

OS version



11 and newer



5.1 and newer


Important Considerations

The Mobile App will only support users who have the following configured:

  • Timesheet Profiles – The only supported profiles are Start/End (All Days) and Bulk Hours.
  • Workflows – Approvals will only be available when using workflows. These workflows must be assigned to the appropriate profile.

This table shows the types of workflows supported in Mobile, the steps supported in a Default Workflow, and the steps not supported when manually creating a workflow.


Supported Workflow
Type for Mobile
Supported Steps in Default 
Workflows for Mobile
Manually Created Workflow Steps Not Supported in Mobile
  Timesheet   All steps

  Approve/Reject Time Entries


  Collect Note

  Time Off   All steps

  Activate Contract


  Collected Note

  Overtime   All steps

  Activate Contract


  Sign Opt-Out

  Action: Modify

  Leaves of Absence   All steps


  Collect Note


Downloading the Mobile App

Before you can download the new Mobile App, you must first ensure that your system has been configured to support the new setting. Please notify your CSR your interest to sign up by clicking below and filling out the form. 


To download the Mobile App from your mobile device, do the following:

  1. Navigate to your device’s App store.
  2. Search for Kronos Workforce Ready Mobile. Note that the classic App may still available for download. Ensure you are downloading the current one.
  3. Download and then open the app.
  4. Enter your company-provided credentials to log in.

What can I do in the Mobile App?

The following functions are available, but may or may not be enabled for you by your company. Some functions are managerial in nature, while others are employee-based in nature. 


Time & Attendance

  • Enter start/stop times in timesheet
  • Enter bulk hours entries in timesheet
  • Punch in/out
  • Create Time Off Requests
  • View Time Off Requests
  • View Accrual Balances
  • See company announcements
  • See notifications
  • View and take action for My To Do Items
  • View employee profiles (accounts)


  • Enroll in benefits
  • View benefits


  • View and download recent pay statements
  • View historical pay statements 


  • View schedules
  • Enter a shift swap request


Time & Attendance

  • View accrual balances and history
  • Approve Time Off Requests
  • Enter Time Off Requests
  • View and Approve through a Time Off Calendar
  • View and Approve Timesheet
  • Make Timesheet Corrections 


  • View employee benefit elections


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