What are the provisions of payroll processing?

1. Q. What taxes does an employer owe?
  A. Employers are responsible for paying Federal Social Security tax (FICA), (6.2% of gross wages), Medicare tax (1.45%), and Federal Unemployment tax (FUTA), which is usually .8% if your state unemployment taxes are remitted on a timely basis. In addition, employers pay state taxes including unemployment (SUI) and disability (DUI). In some localities, employers must pay local taxes. BeyondPay takes care of all of these taxes for you.

2. Q. Will you handle all my taxes?
  A. Yes. We prepare and file all Federal, state and local payroll tax returns and are responsible for remitting all your payroll taxes in a timely fashion. In the event any interest or penalties are assessed because of our negligence, we pay them. Our back room consists of certified public accountants and attorneys. In the event any issues arise pertaining to your account, the full resources of our organization will be utilized to rectify and resolve the issue as quickly and expeditiously as possible.

3. Q. When will taxes be withdrawn from my bank account?
  A. Taxes are withdrawn when you run your payroll. The funds must be available in your account on the check date.

4. Q. Can I track an employee's salary and hours to different departments?
  A. Yes. Our cutting-edge software gives you the flexibility to report an individual's payroll information to several different departments, divisions or locations.

5. Q. Can I generate more than one paycheck within the same pay period?
  A. Easily, with our Pay Details icon (the green dollar sign on the pay grid).

6. Q. Can you track vacation, holiday, sick and/or personal days?
  A. Yes. As part of your setup, we can include how much vacation, holiday, sick and/or personal days your employees are entitled to. We have the flexibility to show this on your employees' pay stubs as either "amount used" or "remaining balance." Your employees will love this!

7. Q. Do you prepare Forms W-2 and Forms 1099?
  A. Yes. We are a 100% full-service payroll company and do everything in-house.

8. Q. Can I pay my 1099 workers through BeyondPay?
  A. Yes. We can do just about anything when it comes to processing your payroll.

9. Q. Do you offer direct deposit, and must all employees participate?
  A. We offer direct deposit, and it will save you money. If some of your employees do not want direct deposit, we will gladly process a physical payroll for you and have it delivered to you under one of our convenient and economical delivery options .

10. Q. When will direct deposit funds be withdrawn from my account?
  A. Direct Deposit funds are withdrawn from the employer's account on your check date.

11. Q. Can I pay an employee with two different hourly rates?
  A. Yes. It's easy to set up your account for multiple pay rates and to enter hours to pay employees at the two rates.


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