What are the benefits of doing payroll online?

1. Q. Why use BeyondPay?
  A. Our state-of-the art software is reliable, accurate and easy to use. Our fees are reasonable and are typically lower than our competitors' fees. We provide FREE quarterly and year-end reports. Our employees work very hard, and we provide the highest level of friendly customer service. We understand your market, and our high degree of flexibility lets us serve small business clients better than anyone else. We love what we do, and we have fun doing it.

2. Q. What are the benefits of online payroll (web data entry)?
  A. It's fast, easy, convenient and fun. You can view "net" checks prior to final submission. You can enter payroll data 24 hours a day; 7 days a week from anyplace with internet access. The software is easy to learn and use. Most companies process payrolls in minutes online.

3. Q. Are all web payroll systems essentially the same?
  A. Not at all! Our system is by far the most flexible on the market. Many online systems have severe restrictions as to the number of earnings codes you can use, the changes you can make or the overrides you can enter. With BeyondPay, you work on a simple grid displaying up to 10 earnings codes. You can override deductions temporarily, override departments, override rates, and do much more. You can process multiple checks for one employee, stop a direct deposit for one employee or all, or add new employees with ease.

4. Q. Will I lose control of my payroll?
  A. No. In fact, you will have complete control. You can change employee addresses, pay rates, allowances, direct deposit and more. Enter payroll 24 hours a day; 7 days a week from anywhere you have internet access. Preview "net" paychecks prior to submitting your data for final processing.

5. Q. When will my employees' account be credited with a direct deposit?
  A. On the morning of the check date.

6. Q. What delivery options are available?
  A. Our reliable and economical delivery options are pick up, e-mail, US Mail, Courier or Overnight. We will help you select the delivery option that makes the most sense for your business.

7. Q. What is paperless payroll?
  A. If all of your employees use direct deposit, we can email you a Paperless Payroll that delivers a secure e-mail containing a complete set of payroll reports and pay vouchers. This option eliminates the expense of physical payroll delivery.

8. Q. What are Forms on CD?
  A. At year-end, you can receive the entire year's payroll reports, paychecks and vouchers, quarterly Federal and State tax returns and Forms W-2 on a single CD. Our client's love this CD! Visit our Payroll Reports page for details.

9. Q. Do I have to buy additional software or equipment?
  A. No. All you need is access to the internet. We will provide you with a free copy of ViewChoice software that will enable you to view your payroll reports and information online.
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