How do you handle adjustments and corrections?

1. Q. Can I submit pay adjustments that are separate from salary?
  A. Yes. By clicking on the Pay Details Icon (green dollar sign on the pay grid) you can make adjustments to pay whether they are additional pay adjustments or one-time deductions. We would be happy to walk you through this process.

2. Q. Can I calculate a manual check if I need one between payrolls?
  A. Yes. A check calculator is available to calculate checks and add them to your next payroll for processing.

3. Q. What if I find a mistake after submitting my payroll?
  A. Depending on the timing of your discovery, we can correct the problem and re-run the payroll. If the payroll has already been finalized and sent to the bank, we will work with you to fix the problem, either through manual checks or a payroll reversal. We are ready to help whenever and wherever possible.

4. Q. How do I change my employees' Form W-4 allowances?
  A. Our unique web data entry system puts you are in complete control of your payroll. Once you log on, go to the Employees tab and click on the name of the employee whose information you want to change. Go to the Taxes tab and make the appropriate changes. It's simple!


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