QuickBooks GL export is not prompting me to save file

If when you click on export from the General Ledger interface for QuickBooks, you are not prompted to Save or Open the file, this usually means that your web browser is blocking files from being downloaded.  We recommend using IE9 or higher.

How to allow file downloads in Internet Explorer:

1) Go to Tools-->Internet Options

2) Click on the "Security" Tab at the top.  It is probably a good idea to add BeyondPay to your trusted sites list, if it is not already there, but you may skip this step as there are few situations where you want to block file downloads.  You'll want to add the sites below to your list of "trusted sites." 


3) Next, you need to click on "Custom level", while making sure "Trusted Sites" is highlighted at the top.  Then, in the "Downloads" section of the Security Settings, you want to ensure that Automatic prompting for file downloads is enabled, and that File download is enabled.

Then click "ok" and then "ok" again.  You should then exit your browser.  Then login and export the General Ledger once more, where it should prompt you to save the file. 

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