How are employees assigned to a pay period?

What is the difference between "All Active" and "All on Assigned Pay Period"?

All Active employees are all employees with a payroll status that has an "In Payroll" flag flagged.  All on Assigned Pay Period are all employees that are in the current pay period.  You can see what employees are assigned to a pay period in Manage Payrolls-->View All Pay Periods.  The accounts icon shows employees assigned to that pay period.

All on Assigned Pay Period

Very early in the morning on the beginning of the pay period, the system looks at all "Active" employees, i.e. those that are "In Payroll" as of that date and add them to the next pay period.  

This is often why future payrolls may not yet have new employees when initiating, or when missing timesheets appear to happen for employees hired later than the beginning of a pay period.

Exceptions for Terminated and New Hires

When an employee is Terminated, and given a termination date, this will remove the employee from a pay period effective the termination date.  (This will obviously not apply if a payroll is already started/closed/finalized.)  

When an employee is Hired, if the start date falls within the current pay period, the employee is added to the pay period.  

Remember to never change Pay Periods without help!

If you have multiple pay periods, or change your pay period dates, be sure to create a ticket (e-mail or click on "Submit New Request" above.  Pay periods are integral and fundamental to how the system schedules and treats employees.  This needs to be done and checked by BeyondPay technical support.  While slightly safer in payroll-only environments, changing a pay period in TLM could duplicate, remove, or have employee timesheets missing.  


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