How do I give my employee a pay increase in BeyondPay 2.0?

Giving your employee a pay increase is fast and easy in BeyondPay's 2.0 platform.  Follow the below step by step instructions to increase your employees pay while creating a pay history at the same time!

After logging into BeyondPay's secure website and accessing your account you should follow the below steps:


1) Go to "My Employees" --> "Employee Information" as illustrated in the screenshot below:




2) From the "Employees List" screen you'll notice a Pay_Increase_Screen_2.png icon next to each employee.  Click that icon next to the employee that you wish to give a pay increase to edit their employee profile.


3) Once in the "Employee Information Edit" screen you should locate the Pay_Increase_Screen_4.png  box which is usually in the "Main' tab (but could also be in the "Payroll" tab depending on how you have the tabs configured).


4) You'll want to click the Pay_Increase_Screen_3.pngicon on the right side of the middle box to add another row.  You should populate the "Effective From" field with the effective date of the increase.


5) Fill in all of the new pay data and save your entry.

6) Your screen should look similar to the illustration below that shows multiple entries for the same employee.  This section serves as a "pay history" for your employees.




*If you are changing a rate after you've already initiated a payroll, you'll want to choose the option from the Payroll Prep Process menu to"recalculate pay statements" to make certain that the new rate is included with that particular payroll.  


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