How do I print a pay statement or save it as a PDF in BeyondPay 2.0

Printing or saving a pay statement (as a PDF) from BeyondPay's 2.0 Payroll/TLM/HR platform is very easy and user-friendly!  Follow the step by step instructions below and you'll have a printed or saved copy of your pay statement in no time!

After logging into your employee self service account :

1) Select "My Account" --> "My Pay Statements" as illustrated in the screenshot below:



2) From the Pay Statement list that shows on the ensuing screen you'll notice a Print_Pay_Statements_Screen_2.png icon next to each entry.  Click on that icon next to the pay statement   that you wish to print or save.  You will be taken to a preview screen for that particular pay statement.

3) Once in the preview screen, you'll notice a "Download PDF" icon in the bottom left corner of the preview window as illustrated in the screenshot below:



This option allows you to download the selected pay statement as a PDF.  Once downloaded to your computer the document can either be printed to any available printer or saved as a PDF document.


*Not all employers extend access to their employees to perform this function.  If you do not have the available access as indicated above please contact your payroll administrator.

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