How do I process a payroll?

You just received an e-mail from BeyondPay with a link in it saying you can login and access your payroll information online.  Great!

Now, what does that mean?  What can I do? How do I process a payroll?


First, we will point out the basic steps, and then we will highlight the steps more thoroughly, along with screenshots.

1) View All Payrolls

2) Start the Pay Prep Process and Initiate Payroll

3) Add/Edit Batches and edit the batch.  Enter the hours/wages/bonuses/etc.  Save & Update.

4) Close Batch.  Go to Previous Screen, back to the Payroll Prep Process

5) Close Payroll

6) Check Totals and Review Reports

7) Submit or Finalize Payroll

How to process a payroll... with a little more detail...

We will start with processing a basic payroll.  The first step is to login to your personalized site.  In this example, we are logging into ZZTA, a Sample Company.  The login is:

You can replace "ZZTA" in the address above with your company shortname/code, which is usually 4 digits. 

Next we come to the dashboard, or whatever your default screen is for your own login.

To access payroll, use the top menu bar to navigate to "Manage Payroll"-->"Manage Payrolls"-->"View All Payrolls" and click.

Though your view may vary depending on your settings, and the number of payrolls it will look something like this:

Next, click on the Pay Prep Process Icon payprep_icon.png of the payroll you wish to process.  This takes you to the Payroll Prep Process, which is a wizard driven step-by-step through your payroll submission.  If the Initiate Payroll screen does not automatically pop-up, click on "Initiate Payroll", and you will find the following screen.  Generally, you will ensure the PST Type select is "Regular", and ensure the boxes are checked for Create on all the employees of that type you want.  Generally, you check both boxes if you are unsure.  Then click "Create Now"


This creates all the pay statements for your payroll and gets everything ready for you to enter hours, bonuses, etc.  You will now see this screen:PayPrep2.png

Depending on what you find easiest, and depending on your circumstances, you can either "Add/Edit Batches", or "Add/Edit Pay Statements".  Editing a Batch essentially allows you to enter multiple pay statements at once in a heads down manner.  Editing a pay statement allows you to enter one pay statement at a time, though with more detail and options available.  For this example, we will "Add/Edit Batches", then on the next screen, click on "Open Batch For Edit", which should be the very first icon that looks like a pencil editing a sheet:



Here, we enter the Hours worked, and any bonuses.  Micky Mouse didn't work many hours, but received a very nice bonus from royalties.  Britney Spears also received a bonus for a new single she wrote.  When you have finished entering hours, and verifying that the totals at the bottom are correct, Click "Save & Update Payroll" save_update.pngon the bottom floating bar.  It will prompt you that once saved it cannot be undone.  Press OK.  Then, when you are done with the batch edit, you need to "Close Batch Edit" closeBatch.png.

If you just hit previous screen and the screen has a red-highlighted batch like this, the you need to check the box and click "Close Selected Batches" on the bottom bar.


Otherwise, just click on "Previous Screen" previous_screen.png on the bottom floating bar.  This takes you back to the Payroll Prep Process. Since we have completed Initiate Payroll and Add/Edit Batches, we can check the box to show our progress of this payroll:


Close the Payroll

We've now really finished entering the payroll.  However, we always want to check our work, right?  We also want to lock everything to keep anything from being edited.  So the next step is to "(Close Payroll)":


When the payroll is closed, the only way to make changes is to "Re-Open" the payroll and make changes. 

Now, our payroll is closed, changes cannot be made unless we re-open it, and we can now run reports to verify that everything looks correct.  We can "Check Your Totals" or click on any of the reports under "View Payroll".  This allows us to instantly see, print, export the reports before we even finalize the payroll. 


When you have reviewed the reports, and verified your totals, simply click on "Submit Payroll" or "Finalize Payroll", depending on which you see.  Most users will see "Finalize Payroll".  Once Finalized, BeyondPay will take steps to review the payroll, and Deliver the payroll, be it electronically, printing checks and vouchers, or a combination thereof.

Though certainly not exhaustive, hopefully this gives a brief and helpful walk-through of the payroll prep process. 

As always, if you have any questions, or wish to discuss further, feel free to comment on this forum, submit a request, e-mail or call us @ 800.277.9904.

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