How do I access my payroll reports?

On our new 2.0 platform, we now have INSTANT, customizable reports!  As soon as a payroll is processed, the reports are automatically saved under your reports page.  You can access any report you need, from anywhere, all in one place.  In addition, reports can span multiple pay periods and even multiple years. You can then easily export any report to a variety of formats, including Microsoft Excel.


Note: You will need Adobe Acrobat Reader to print reports.



Here are the instructions on how to retrieve your reports...

First, login to our system by following the instructions in the previous forum post How to Login to BeyondPay 2.0.

Once you are logged into the system, go to the top bar and click on 'My Reports --> My Saved Reports'


Once you click on the 'My Saved Reports' you will see a list of our 'common' reports that we have saved for you. Once you chose the report you are looking for, you can click the first icon (blue arrow pointing to the right) to view the report.





At the top of the report page, you will see 'Pay Dates', 'Employee Filter', and 'Extra Settings.'  Here, you can chose the date range, specific payroll, or calendar range to view the report you are looking for.


Once you chose your settings, click on the 'Run Report' Button


Once you run the report and see the report you are looking for, you can export down at the bottom of the page and view your report as a  PDF or Excel




Once exporting the report, you can save the report to your computer, or print out the report.  If you need more reports, you can always click 'Previous Screen' and chose any other report you are looking for!

For additional help or to learn about the more advanced features in our new platform, please call or contact us at

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