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Configuration Training Pricing and Packages

$150 per hour

$2,400 - 20 Hour Prepaid Configuration Training

Professional Services are available for $150 per hour typically done through Configuration Training.  Additional or custom 1 hour sessions are available for various additional functions.

Professional Services are not available through BeyondPay for any legal advice.  BeyondPay does not offer attorney services nor offer any legal services that may be used as legal advice.

Configuration Training Sessions

Required for any TLM or HR products.  We want to focus on a "train the trainer" mentality.  We also want to attempt to train our Company Administrators in as much of the system as possible. 

Week 1 is when all company Getting Started documents, spreadsheet with employee information, and Gathering & Requirements session is complete.  We then spend a few days getting things setup and ready to begin training.

Payroll Processing of first payroll (1-2 Hours)

Payroll training and processing the first (and/or second) is always included with our payroll services.  BeyondPay does not charge for training on payroll--this is always included.  Professional services offers the following Configuration Training sessions for TLM Essentials, TLM Premium, HR Essentials, and HR Premium services.

TLM Premium Required Sessions

Company Admin Configuration (2 Hours) - Week 2

Primary topics: Global Setup, Profiles/Policies, Employee Management, Reporting

Goals: Exposure to the system, Comfort navigating, setup primary company settings & profiles

Homework: Login and navigate, update Global List Definitions, update Employees, configure Cost Centers

TLM Profiles & Policies Configuration (2 Hours) - Week 2 & 3

Primary topics: Pay Calculations, Pay Prep, Timesheets, Employee Management

Goals: Setup pay calcs, pay prep, and timesheets.  Show how settings affect system.

HomeworkFinish additional pay calcs, pay prep, and timesheet settings.  Assign necessary profiles to employees.

Security & Workflow Management (2 Hours) - Week 3

Primary topics: Security, Groups, Managers, Workflow, Notifications

Goals: Familiarity with related settings.  Set standard settings for manager workflow.  

Homework: Finish setting up security profiles.  Review Manager settings.  Test by logging in as various users.  Setup notifications.  Train employees and start "punching".  

TLM Reporting, Manager Workflow, and Timesheet Settings (2 Hours) - Week 4 & 5

Primary topics: TLM Reports, Manage Timesheets, Approve Timesheets, Exceptions

Goals: Develop steps for managers to track & approve timesheets.  Customize reports to finalize workflows.  Finalize timesheet settings.

Homework: Test workflows.  Finalize report adjustments and timesheet settings.  Train Managers.


TLM & Payroll Preparation (2 Hours) - Week 5 & 6

Primary topics: Pay Code Export Table, Time Prep, Pay Prep, Finalize Employee Settings

Goals: Review all existing settings and identify any additional items that need to be done prior to "live" payroll.

Homework: Review & finalize employee settings and information.  Ensure managers are approving timesheets.  Get ready for first payroll.


Recommended Session

Post Payroll Review & Optimization (1-2 Hours)


Optional TLM Sessions

Benefit Accruals & Time Off Requests (2 Hours) - Week 3 & 4

Primary topics: Benefit accrual profiles, Time Off list, Timesheet settings, Security profiles & Notifications

Goals: Setup Time Off Requests and Benefit Accrual Profiles

Homework: Finish Benefit Accrual Profiles, enter beginning balances for employees, test time off requests by logging in as employee(s).  Update Notifications with custom company language.


Scheduling 101 (2 Hours)

Primary topics: Global Policies, Setup Schedules, Assign schedules

Goals: Finalize settings and comfort with viewing, managing, and editing schedules

Homework: Ensure all necessary employees are scheduled.  Test schedule-based reports and customize. 


2.0 Payroll

99% of training, support and advice is included with our standard payroll services.  There are a few areas we offer some premium services.

General Ledger Settings and Management (1-2 Hours)

Custom Integration with Third Parties (as quoted)

Training a New Staff Member (1-2 Hours)


HR Essentials Training 

101 General HR Overview & Resources Configuration (1 - 2 Hours)

User-Created Fields
User-Created Screens
Easy-to-use Report Writer
Export to Excel, PDF & More
Document Storage*
Document Retrieval Tracking
Employee Directory
Wiki Self-Generated Content
Organizational Chart
Company Events & News
HR Documents & Forms Creator

HR Benefit Plan Configuration & Administration (2 Hours)

 Available Benefit Plans Overview via ESS
Defined Benefits Eligibility
ESS Open Enrollment
ESS Life Event Enrollment
Benefits Drive Payroll Deductions 

HR Performance Management Configuration & Administration (2 Hours)

Performance Appraisal Definitions
Competencies, Goals, Core Values
ESS Employee Self-Assessment
MSS Multiple Manager Assessment
Review Workflow


HR Recruitment Configuration & Settings (2 Hours)

Applicant Tracking
Candidate Self Service
Interview Tracking
Applicant Self-Service
Background Screening

HR Recruitment Administration (1-2 Hours)

Template e-mails & Notifications
Report Settings & Views
Applicant vs. Applications
Advanced Topics

Onboarding and Offboarding Overview, Setup, and Workflow (2 Hours)

New Hire Checklist / Welcome / Workflow
Social Security Number Verification Service (optional)
E-Verify (optional)
I-9 Submission / Sign Off
W-4 Election / Submission
ESS Benefits Overview & Enrollment
Termination Details/History/Checklist
Exit Interview 

Asset, Training & Certifications, Incident/Discipline Tracking & Management (1-2 Hours)

Company Property Management
Vehicle Management
Skills Tracking
Course Management
Certifications Tracking
Cases Tracking & Reporting
Incident-Based Email Notifications
Supporting Document Storage

Compensation Management, and Position & Job Management (1 Hour)

Salary History
Salary Survey (PayScale integration)
ESS Benefit Statements
Pay Grades/Steps
Job Tables & Tracking
Job Requisitions (Part of Recruiting) 

HR Compliance Reporting (1 - 2 Hours)

New Hire Reporting (included with Payroll services)
EEO Reporting
Vets 100 Reporting 
Workers' Comp Injuries/Claims Management
OSHA Reporting 

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