How to reset accrual balances

An example of how to reset balances beginning 1/1/2013


1. My Employees > Accruals > Balances

2. Filter out for for time off (Personal Leave) and Accruals Profile (Exempt Accruals), you should end up with 46 rows on the report

3. Check off all and choose Zero Out on the bottom menu

4. In the Zero Out pop up check off Zero Out To and choose 1/1/13 as your date (do not forget to check off the box, as omitting that check box despite having a date will Zero Out the entire history, not just to the date listed)

5. This will remove the history of the incorrect execution

6. Check off all employees again and choose Execute Accruals on the bottom menu (choosing 1/1/14 as the date to run to)

7. This should now show the correct Personal Leave for 2013-2014 

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