How to use the Accrual 'Balances As Of Date' Report

The Balances as of Date report runs from the beginning of time to the date listed (for date 1) and compares the two dates when date 2 is used.

Let's take an example where we want to show the balances for the full year of 2012.

For Date 1 12/31/2012.... Total total = 97.5 Subtract 45 from 2013-2014 = 52.5 Subtract 15.00 from manual modification (up to 1/1/13, but counts as 12/31/12) = 37.5 Subtract the execution for 12/31/12 from the 30.00 hours given for 2012-2013 (30 hours / 365 days = .09) = 37.41 Subtract Authorized on Day 1 37.41 from Taken on Day 1 45.00 (this does not include the time off entry of 7.5 hours on 12/31/12, because the report is using 12/31/12 as its updated to date and thus time for that date is not included) = -7.58 (remaining on Day 1) If you were to put an updated to date of 1/1/13 (which is through all of 2012, and not including 2013) you will see a remaining balance of 0 (because all those variables from the above calculations have been included now that the 12/31/12 date is included in this calculation)


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