Establishing a TWES Account with New Jersey

The State of New Jersey recently began sending out their notification of "End of Life of Paper Annual Notice of Employer Contribution Rates." A copy of this notice is attached to this forum.  This notice contains information on several important topics.


Important Information For Calendar Year 2012

Year 2012
Taxable Wage Base $30,300.00
Maximum Weekly Benefit Worker Compensation $810.00
Maximum Weekly Benefit Unemployment Insurance $611.00
Maximum Weekly Benefit Temporary Disability & Family Leave Insurance $572.00

New Worker TDI and FLI Rates for Calendar Year 2012

Year 2012
Worker Temporary Disability Insurance Rate* 0.200%
Worker Family Leave Insurance Rate* 0.080%

*Maximum rate for worker covered by a state or private plan

For additional information, please visit:

State of New Jersey Department of Labor

***Please note that BeyondPay has updated our system to keep you in compliance with these new wage limits and tax rates.


End of Life of Paper Annual Notice of Employer Contribution Rates

Beginning with fiscal year 2012/2013 employers will no longer receive an annual paper Notice of Employer Contribution Rates.  This change will benefit employers and the State of New Jersey.  The Notice of Employer Contribution Rates will now be accessible through the Tax Web Enabled System (TWES).  This will enable employers to get their contribution rates much sooner and makes this information available 24/7.

The TWES also provides the employer with the account status, payment history, open balance, delinquent reports and other valuable information. 

To establish a TWES account, go to:

State of New Jersey

Instructions are attached to this forum to assist you with this process.  Please follow these instructions carefully.  The employer must establish the administrator account first; creating a user account is optional. 

***Please note that BeyondPay can not create this TWES account for you and that we do not have your PIN.  We do however recommend that you create a user account for BeyondPay.


New Hires

Federal and State law requires employers to report newly hired and rehired employees in New Jersey to the New Jersey New Hire Directory.  This information is used by the New Jersey Department of Labor and Workforce Development to assist in prevention of unemployment insurance benefit overpayments. 

***BeyondPay handles the reporting of New Hires so employers do not need to worry about this requirement as long as they keep an active payroll account with BeyondPay.

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