BeyondPay 2.0 - It's Here!

BeyondPay is happy to announce the additions of our new 2.0 Platform. This updated platform brings some exciting changes and features that many of our customers have asked for.  We are actively converting companies, and will notify you when it is time for your company to be upgraded. Note that all payroll history from the current year will be visible in the new system.

Some of the exciting new features include:

100% Online

While we have offered an online solution for many years, the back end systems were still legacy-based (client-server architecture.)  BeyondPay's 2.0 platform is 100% web-based and hosted in SAS-70 secured data servers, completely redundant, and backed up--compliant to the Department of Defense (DoD) standards for Sensitive Compartmented Information Facility (SCIF).

Included Employee Self Service

While BeyondPay has offered Employee Services for a few years, our 2.0 platform is designed to encourage employee access.  When adding an employee, simply let us know or enter yourselves their e-mail address.  This transforms your payroll services into a workforce management solution, from simple check stub viewing, to a more robust and interactive employee experience.

TLM and HR Integration

Perhaps most exciting of all, are our fully integrated Time & Labor Management and Human Resource Management Systems.  With TLM, we can track and automate your employees' time collection and submission.  Save thousands of dollars from a ROI compared to those that collect time manually, or still add up hours each pay period when employees submit the hours they work.  And with HR, you can manage all the employee information you need, from hiring, to firing, to EEO reporting, to Electronic W4 submission, training, performance reviews, document storage, Wiki, organization chart, and much more.  Please check our website for more information, and inquire for pricing.

Instant Reports

BeyondPay's 2.0 system includes "Calculations-As-You-Go".  No more pre-processing or long waits for calculations.  Any time a change is made in the system, calculations, rules, deductions, gl, workers' compensation, taxes and more are continually updated in real-time so fast that you may not even notice.

Custom Reports

Though change is sometimes difficult, we believe your new reports are a significant improvement over our prior reports.  They are clearer, and more cleanly laid out.  Most of the reports can also be customized to your preferences and requirements.  If there is a report you need or want, please let us know and we will get it as close as possible.  Also, any report can be customized, saved, and then included with your payroll reports, or e-mailed automatically each payroll.  Reports can also be easily exported to a variety of formats, including CSV and Excel.

Payroll Alerts

BeyondPay's 2.0 platform contains a robust alerts and notification engine.  This is helpful for remembering certain items in every payroll, or dating it to a future date when you need to remember to make a change in the future.  The notifications are sent out notifying you of a scheduled payroll, if/when a payroll is late, when the payroll has been processed, and even any reports you want sent when a payroll is processed or certain days of the week.

Geospatial Tax Identification

Take out the guesswork from tax settings, reciprocal agreements, local taxes in PA, and the headaches associated with mistakes.  Our 2.0 platform automatically identifies which taxes should be paid based on the employee's home address, work address, and/or department/job address in cases where they may work in multiple states. 


Track vacation, sick, holiday, personal, PTO, you name it.  Base it on anniversary date, calendar date, both.  Tier your benefits based on years worked.  Include holding periods.  Multiple schedules and plans for different groups of employees.  Eligibility rules based on almost any field that can be tracked in the system.  We have yet to find an accrual plan that we can't handle, so try us.

Modern web browser compatible

Our 2.0 platform is no longer dependent on PC's and Internet Explorer to work.  You are free to use a Mac, PC, or even a linux/unix-based system with Firefox.  We actively ensure Firefox and Internet Explorer render perfectly, so we recommend their use, but we do occasionally have visual rendering issues with Safari and Chrome.  (Report it and we'll fix it asap!)

The list could go on, but feel free to check our website for more, or give us a call to discuss.  I want to assure you that you will continue to get the same, if not better level of service you have grown to love and expect at BeyondPay.  If there is anything we can do to help, please do not hesitate to ask.  You can always call us toll free 800-277-9904 or e-mail

I want to thank you for your business and for choosing BeyondPay.

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