Integrated Document Storage

Integrated Document Storage allows a company to store documents directly within the application. Whether data relates to Human Resources management, Payroll, or Time and Labor Management, this feature offers a useful, centralized way to keep and distribute data pertaining to key processes within the company.


Integrated Document Storage is a useful service that allows companies to store documents directly within the application. Using this service provides the same level of security and redundancy that is available for data stored within the rest of the workforce management suite.

All the data stored can be referenced from the central account repository. Additionally, specific documents can be accessed directly within relevant functional modules. For example, employee related files such as resumes, can be accessed from the both employee profile screen and the central repository (while x can only be accessed from this location and y can only be accessed from this location).


Here is a sample of how a typical company with 50 employees uses Integrated Document Storage:

Document Type* Typical file size (MB)  # of Files on the System     Total Utilized (MB)   
Company forms and policies library (S) 150.00 1 150.0
Company information manual (S) 5.00 3 15.0
Benefits forms from third party provider (D) 3.00 3 9.0
Interview notes, resumes, applications (D) 10.00 50 500.0
Employee emergency contact info (S) 0.15 50 7.5
Signed company policy (S) 0.15 50 7.5
Signed company property check off (S) 0.15 50 7.5
Expense reports (D) 0.039 84 3.28
Company policy (S) 3 1 3.0
Company party photos (D) 3.54 50 177.0
Total Storage Used (MB)     880 (MB)


*S denotes static data, D is for dynamic data 

Data storage utilization typically grows at a slower pace than the headcount within a company. Most of the data stored is generally static and is not updated frequently. Thus, for a typical company the upload/download usage each month is expected to be relatively small. A company is charged based on the amount of data transferred at 100 Megabyte increments per month.

     Month 1    Month 6    Month 12    Month 24    Month 36   
Storage (MB)   880 1070 1310 1940 2890
Transfer (MB)   0.71 0.9 1 1.6 2.3
Storage cost   $ 0.99 $ 1.21 $ 1.43 $ 2.09 $ 3.19
Transfer cost   $ 0.29 $ 0.29 $ 0.29 $ 0.29 $ 0.29
Total cost   $ 0.96 $ 1.12 $ 1.72 $ 2.38 $ 3.48

How do we keep costs so low?  Welcome to the cloud!


Storage (per 100MB)   $ 0.11  
Upload/download (per 100MB)     $ 0.29  
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