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General Questions


What is services does easyBackgrounds integration provide?

easyBackgrounds is a background screening service developed by easyBackgrounds and integrated onto our 2.0 platform


How does easyBackgrounds work?

easyBackgrounds worked with us to establish four of the most common screening packages requested by client companies. When a package is selected, the request flows from our system into the easyBackgrounds system via a secure transmission platform called HubWorks, and searches are instantly routed to the proper destination.


Criminal record searches are performed in the relevant courthouses, employment and education verifications are conducted with companies and schools, and driving histories, SSN Traces and other data are retrieved from public and proprietary databases. Completed searches are automatically compiled and the final report is made available directly from within SaaShr.  


How long has the company been around?

easyBackgrounds began providing background screening services in 1995, as part of an organization that provided a broader base of investigative services for the corporate community. easyBackgrounds was incorporated as a separate entity in 2002 to serve the screening market exclusively.


Can you provide additional information about the vendor responsible for easyBackgrounds?

easyBackgrounds is one of the founding members of National Associations of Professional Background screeners (NAPBS). The company is leveraging 3rd party background screening platform called Hubworks from Deverus. Deverus serves over 50 other background screening providers. Integration means that we will be able to leverage connectivity should business relationship change.


How do I activate easyBackgrounds service?

Simply ask BeyondPay to add the service.  Send an e-mail to support@beyondpay.com, call 908-730-0932, 800-277-9904, or Submit a Request above.  Let us know the default package you would like and we will add client company to easyBackgrounds product and configure the default package within easyBackgrounds configuration. Remember to set access levels for managers and applicants/employees within the specific area of the Marketplace security profile (BeyondPay can help with this as well).


Is there training and how long is it?

The product is as simple as clicking a single button to request check to be run and no training in necessary. Any additional information can be found in the documentation.


Who do I talk to if my clients have an issue?

If clients are unable to access the service, we will be notified automatically. It will make sense to alert members of BeyondPay support team to let them know that service could not be accessed to speed up the resolution process.


Will my client have any formal relationship with easyBackgrounds.com?

easyBackgrounds is ultimately responsible for providing the service and addressing any questions about it. End-user clients should be encouraged to follow up with easyBackgrounds directly if they have any questions about policies or results of backgrounds check or to inquire about additional services.


How will billing work?

easyBackgrounds provides volume discounted pricing for BeyondPay and is able to leverage this benefit to our clients.  When end-user clients will use the service for their employees, you will be billed automatically with each payroll.


How much it is?

Please refer to this page: https://support.beyondpay.com/entries/22166046


What is the cancellation policy?

End-user company can stop using the product at any point in time.  Please contact us if you would like the option removed from your account online.


What are some future developments?

The product now has full support on HR module for existing employees and on Recruiting Add-on for the applicants. In the future we are looking to add support for other product modules (Time and Labor Management and Payroll). In addition we are looking to add support to non-electronic authorization process that would allow hiring managers to print authorization forms, have them signed by applicants/employees and upload them onto the system. Further reporting and billing enhancements are planned.


Product Specific Questions


Is there way to determine how severe an infringement is? For example, an employee has one instance of speeding in one county. In this case will the check come back as "failed"?

It is up to each employer to determine how adverse information is used. Beyond this, some states restrict the use of certain records and provide guidelines for use –NY for example. In all cases it is the responsibility of the employer to use information form in a compliant manner


Does a company that has the policy of requesting a check to be run every 18-24 months do have to request a brand new release from employees every time? Or does one release cover all the subsequent checks?

The release form covers their term of employment with the company, so there is no need to obtain a new release if additional searches are performed.


If employee legally changes their name does that employee have to sign a new release form?

There is no requirement to obtain a new release if there is a change of name, but it would be a good idea for the employer to do this anyway


How quickly will I get screening results from easyBackgrounds?

Depending on what information is requested, some screening can be completed within one business day, others can take several days or weeks. For example, education verification may take longer in the summer time. Partial results may be available for the portions of the search within one business day. Please contact easyBackrounds directly with any questions regarding a specific check.


How do I contact easyBackgrounds regarding a specific screening?

Please contact easyBackgrounds using their Support email address, support@easybackgrounds.com or call 800-538-6525 and indicate this question is pertaining usage from SaaShr integration. Supply the name of the employee and client to properly identify the record in question.


What should I advice my client if they decide to take adverse action against an applicant/employee based on results of the background check?

  1. Advise the candidate of their plan to take adverse action, provide a copy of the report and a copy of the Summary of Rights
  2. Allow 5 business days for the candidate to dispute
  3. If the candidate does not dispute the findings, an Adverse Action letter describing the actions they taken must be sent along with a copy of the report and summary of rights


If your client decides to engage easyBackgrounds to assist in managing adverse action, please direct them to easyBackgrounds.

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