PayScale Powered Salary Reports

About PayScale Powered Salary Reports:

Creator of the largest database of individual compensation profiles in the world, PayScale, Inc. provides precise, market-based salary data in real time. With immediate access to salary information for more than 14,000 positions, you can optimize your talent investments by using PayScale data.


Integration provides ability for companies to access accurate salary data from within the Workforce Management interface. By entering a few job details, PayScale will provide an immediate match and publish the current market rate for a position. Clients can then download a PDF report with salary information.

This valuable information allows users to make important cost-saving business-impacting decisions. For example, with PayScale compensation report, they can choose just the right amount of raise when promoting high performing employees, or create a new job requisition with a sufficient comp to attract top talent without breaking the bank. PayScale is seamlessly integrated within Utilities menu on the bottom of the screen in several key areas of your workforce management solution: performance management module, applicant tracking and within employee screens.

PayScale also offers comprehensive salary management online solution with unlimited access to salary data for subscribers. To learn more, contact


$150 per Salary Report

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