Santeon Benefit Carrier Connectivity


Santeon eBenefits Network (eBN) service enables end-user companies (EUCs) to reduce the time, cost and complexity by automating the communication of your clients’ employee benefits enrollment data to benefits carriers from HR Benefit Management system.


Santeon eBenefits Network (eBN) is the cloud-based service that automates benefit enrollment data management through pre-built, secure and fully managed integrations between your HR solution and benefit insurance carriers and providers. The service will help clients eliminate the costly errors associated with carrier enrollment data entry, including "missed enrollments" and billings for terminated or ineligible employees.

Santeon is a global business process automation technology and services company. From its roots in Healthcare automation (Sante means "health" in French), the company established The Santeon eBenefits Network as a leading independent provider of automated benefits carrier connectivity services.

Key capabilities: Comprehensive carrier network; End-to-end employee data security; HIPAA privacy compliance; Automatic scheduling and file transmissions; Supports all data formats.


Standard time frame for carrier setup is 10-12 weeks.

Be advised that any client with less than 100 employees meets with the probability that they may not meet each carrier's requirements for the eBN service.  Once an order is received, Santeon will work with each carrier to make this determination.  As this fluctuates with each carrier over time and is affected by other factors, each company must be handled on a case by case basis.



Per carrier connection fee: $1,500 (1st), $1,000 (each subsequent)

Ongoing monthly fee will be $1 / employee / month.

  • Effective October 1, 2013, the minimum End-User PEPM price is 100 eligible employees.  Clients with less than 100 employees are billed as 100 employees.
  • Each End-User is subject to a minimum twelve (12) month term.  Partner may cancel an End-User that does not meet the minimum term by providing ninety (90) day written notice to Santeon.
  • Additional professional services are available directly from Santeon and use of these services will result in the partner being invoiced directly from Santeon.  Please speak with a Santeon representative for more information on these services.  These services may include but are not limited to:
    • Mapping/configuration changes to in-production connections.
    • Open Enrollment Coordination Services (this fee may be waived for End-Users whose OE dates are registered with Santeon at least 8 weeks in advance.)
    • Open Enrollment Initial Load Service (this is an optional service with the End-User may elect.)
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