The Kronos InTouch - Biometric, HID/Proximity, Magnetic Stripe, Barcode Badge

Built For Today's Modern Workforce

Over the last 10 years the world of workforce management has fundamentally
changed — from single-point solutions to integrated workforce management suites
that can be deployed on site or in the cloud. But time clocks, a fundamental tool
used to track and manage the workforce, weren’t keeping up with, well … the times.

Until now.

The Kronos® InTouch® device provides an unrivaled user experience that reshapes
the way employees interact with your workforce management system. All through
a simple touch-screen time clock designed to meet your needs of tomorrow, today.


Who Says the Clouds Are Out of Reach

InTouch was designed for today’s cloud-centric computing environments, with
device-initiated communications capabilities that allow the clock to work over
the open internet and through firewalls. All while protecting your data using SSL
encryption. So even if your goals are to reach the height of cloud technology,
InTouch will help you get there.

Cloud-based applications demand secure devices that can be accessed anytime
and from anywhere. And one of the most powerful and unique capabilities of InTouch
is its ability to be monitored and controlled from a remote location. Voice over
Internet Protocol (VoIP) phone support allows employees to quickly report a problem
right from the clock so a representative can then remotely monitor and control the
device to troubleshoot and correct any issues.

Today’s devices demand communication capabilities that keep information flowing
and keep your business running efficiently. Even when you’re in the cloud, you’re
never too far out of reach for InTouch.


Designed with Users in Mind

Unrivaled user experience

With InTouch, even basic tasks such as punching have been simplified. Need to record your time? Simply present the badge technology
of your choice and your punch is automatically accepted and confirmed with an audible tone and a bright-green indicator.

Seamlessly integrated

Given the increased focus by the Department of Labor on ensuring that hourly employees are properly paid, InTouch can become an
important tool in helping defend against an employee or class-action lawsuit.

Built for the cloud

InTouch was designed for cloud-centric computing environments that demand secure devices that can be accessed anytime and from
anywhere. Device-initiated communications allow the clock to work over the open internet and through firewalls while protecting the data
using SSL encryption. DNS, DHCP, and IPv6 support provide plug-and-play capabilities. The cloud also means InTouch can incorporate
enhancements on the fly, addressing the ever-changing needs of a modern workforce.


Kronos recognizes that InTouch will be installed in some very harsh environments. That’s why they’ve gone to great lengths to use only the
most proven and durable technology. Because it’s designed, made, and backed by Kronos, you can count on InTouch to perform for years
to come.


• Large 7” touch screen with wide VGA, full-color
LCD: A simple, intuitive, and unrivaled user experience
that delivers an unprecedented level of functionality for
faster adoption and improved productivity

• Optional biometric verification for increased payroll
accuracy: Prevents employees from buddy punching,
or allows a leap forward in security — InTouch
incorporates biometric technology to validate an
employee’s identity

• Supports all major badge formats: Allows employees
to punch in based on the system that works best for
them and your organization

• Easy-to-understand LED indicator: Using the badge
technology of your choice, each punch is instantly
processed and accompanied by an audible tone and a
bright-green indicator for quick interpretation

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