How do I setup a FICA Credit Report?

FICA Credit Report Setup


The starting report is the “Retirement Plan Report”, we can’t use the pay statement report for 2 reasons:

  • You can’t make a total report for the year/month, only payroll by payroll
  • This is the only report you can bring in earnings “lists” (the pay statement summary report which would have been the best report doesn’t have the earning lists).


The only downside with this is that clients see at the top “retirement plan report which make no sense to them but the sub-heading you can put FICA Tip report..


Create 2 earnings lists, 1) All earnings without tips, 2)  All tips earnings you have.


In the retirement plan report bring in the following columns

All earnings lists (the one without tips)  Amount & Hours columns

Tips earning amount only


Create 5 custom columns as below and copy/paste the formulas below, however you have 2 earning # below that has to be replaced with your earnings numbers (best advice to do it here in word with the find & replace option).


118646 - Stands for the Earnings list without tips, find your # and replace it

151646 – Stands for the earning tips list



  • Avg Rate



  • Rate Shortage

If((ToDouble(PSTTR_Sum_EE_Earning_List_118646)/ToDouble(PSTTR_Sum_EE_Hours_Earning_List_118646))<5.15, (5.15-(ToDouble(PSTTR_Sum_EE_Earning_List_118646)/ToDouble(PSTTR_Sum_EE_Hours_Earning_List_118646))),"0")


  • Min Wage Tips



  • Excess Tips (on this one check the box for sum)



  • FICA Credit (on this one check the box for sum)


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    Just keep in mind that you will need to replace the items with Earning_List in the descriptions with the system generated number on your specific account. Each company will have their own unique code to use. Find and replace in a word processor works well.

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