2016 Holiday Calendar



Federal Reserve Banks are closed on the holidays listed below.  Direct deposit or **

ACH transactions cannot be processed on these days.  Please note that after processing, **ACH transactions take two BUSINESS days to settle into employees’ bank accountsIf your check date is the day of, the day after, or two days after any of the Holidays listed below, you must submit your payroll one business day earlier. 



     Holiday                   2016


Martin Luther King               Mon, Jan 18


President’s Day                    Mon, Feb 15             BeyondPay CLOSED


Memorial Day                       Mon, May 30            BeyondPay CLOSED


Independence Day                Mon, Jul 4                BeyondPay CLOSED


 Labor Day                           Mon, Sep 5              BeyondPay CLOSED


Columbus Day                     Mon, Oct 10


Veteran’s Day                      Fri, Nov 11            


Thanksgiving Day                Thu, Nov 4              BeyondPay CLOSED

                                                                    Thu 11/ 24 and Fri, 11/25

                                                                                                                                                                                       (banks open Fri)


Christmas Day                     Sun, Dec 25             BeyondPay CLOSED

                                                                      Mon 12/26 in recogition

New Year’s Day                   Sun, Jan 1                 BeyondPay CLOSED

                                                                       Mon 1/2/17 in recognition






Office hours:  Monday – Friday        9am – 5pm


Note:  Payrolls must be submitted by 3pm to ensure processing that day.  Payrolls submitted after 3pm are considered late payrolls.  Late payrolls may not be shipped until the next business day, and **ACH transactions may be delayed one business day.  This may result in your employees’ Direct Deposit transactions not taking place on your scheduled check date.



**ACH transactions include direct deposits, tax transfers and processing invoice.

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