Installing Middleware

The following time clocks do NOT require Middleware be installed:

- Kronos InTouch

- ATS Prodigy, Maximus, Nema

- Interactive Voice Response (IVR)


Attached is the comprehensive Middleware Manual.  

* You will likely want your IT professional to perform the necessary installation.  

* The computer running Middleware should be a computer that is always running.  Functions will not work when this computer/software is not running.

* Contact to receive the proper credentials for linking Middleware to our system.

Downloading Middleware

After logging in, use the menu and navigate to:
Company Settings > System > Terminals (External)


Next, click on either the Zipped or Windows Executable link.


You may alternatively click on the lower right of the screen:



Installing Middleware

Please see the attached document for comprehensive instructions.  We'll list some frequently asked questions and tips here:

- Be sure you have an updated version of Java installed first.  When at a command prompt, type "java -version" and then enter and you can confirm a proper Java installation.

- Multiple installs/instances of Middleware must NEVER connect to the same device, especially when on the same network.  

- Confirm you are able to "ping" the time clock from the machine you are installing Middleware.

- You can connect to multiple time clock devices from a single Middleware instance.

- Running Middleware as a service will not work in Windows Server 2008, Windows 7, and Windows 8+.  It should instead be run as an application.

- The user installing software will require Administrator level access to your machine.

- Installs are possible on Macintosh, Linux and Unix based systems, but we recommend Microsoft operating systems.  Please e-mail for alternative instructions.

- Multiple Middleware instances may be installed as backups, but be sure to inactivate any terminals (devices/time clocks) on the backup Middleware instances.

- Be sure to enter a "description", and BeyondPay is better able to see which locations Middleware is installed.


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