How to install a Hand Punch time clock (HP1000 HP2000 HP3000 HP4000)


Steps Necessary to perform with your internal IT team:

1) Ethernet and Electric run to spot clock will be installed

2) Mounting plate mounted to wall location.

3) An available Static INTERNAL IP address on your network.  

4) The default Gateway Address and Subnet Mask of your network.


Steps to perform with BeyondPay's help available:

1) Attached below are the Initial Setup Instructions

2) Enroll Supervisor on Time Clock

3) Enroll User(s) on clock

4) Install Middleware

5) Request (email and receive credentials for connecting with BeyondPay's system

6) Connect to the clock through Middleware (Link Opens in New Window)

7) Contact to confirm connectivity with Middleware and Time  Clock

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