How do workers comp codes flow?

WC (Workers Comp)


How do workers comp codes flow?



There is a specific order in place when HR is enabled & a workers comp code is attached to a job.

When an employee has a job attached to him/her that has a workers comp code assigned, that is the primary WC code on the employee

If there is no WC code assigned to the job, then the next WC code to take precedence is the code assigned to the cost center, then the Employee Default WC code, & finally the Company Default WC code 


The default Workers Compensation fields at the employee level can populate from default.



The two greyed out fields flow down from the Job Screen (Company Settings > HR Setup > Jobs):

Default Job WC Type Code
Default Job WC Code

The third field can flow down from the Company level (Company Settings > Global Setup > Company Setup, Defaults tab, Defaults Profiles widget, Other Defaults section, Workers Comp Code):

Default Workers Comp Code


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