More about Telephony; How to sign up:

IVR (Interactive Voice Response) 


Where do you begin?

  1. Fill out Telephony Questionnaire (This will help to identify your requirements and help us in improving your process.)
  2. Contact your CSR or 
  3. A CSR will then submit your Questionnaire (This can take a couple weeks to implement) 
  4. A CSR will then confirm with you your setup; and begin to assign proper employees and/or filters to ensure proper users are setup in IVR. 


What is the Cost?

Option 1: Local Number
$1 / user / month  

Option 2: Toll Free Number

$.15 / minute

Please Note: It is the Monthly cost PLUS the Per User/ Per-Minute Fee. 



Attached at the bottom you will find a BeyondPay Telephony Questionnaire:





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