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Show How Talent Impacts Business With Data-Driven People Decisions

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Our human capital management solution is integrating with, a software-as-a-service (SaaS) analytics platform tailor-made from the ground up to meet the human capital management analytics needs of HR professionals and to provide customers the ability to make data-driven people decisions. Focusing on best practice talent and business metrics, capitalizes on the high-quality data foundation that our HCM solution provides and guides you to specific, relevant insights. A suite of dashboards displays key performance indicators of interest for both leadership and multiple HR specialty areas — such as workforce management/planning, talent/recruiting, payroll, and benefits — providing fast access to the facts that matter for those areas and the ability to drill deeper for detailed investigation. These cost-effective, cloud-delivered dashboards can also be fine-tuned and configured to match your organization’s specific needs during onboarding, as experts ensure that your views fit your stakeholders’ requirements.                                             

Key Benefits

  • Empower Users to confidently provide data-driven strategic direction to leadership.
  • Make Data-Driven Decisions in presentable ways that allow both quick assessment and in-depth exploration
  • Optimized Talent to drive better business outcomes
  • Identify Human Capital Strategies that positively impact your organization
  • Predict Future Trends for talent, finance, and workforce planning


Specific answers come from specific data, which is why in the dashboard descriptions below you will see which of our products are necessary to power each one. You’ll also get additional value and insights from these dashboards if you use the full suite of our HCM solutions because the additional data from other areas of the solution will provide more context.



Executive Overview Dashboard

Deep insights start with a high-level picture of what's important. Our Executive Overview dashboard puts all the core business metrics you need in one central location to tie employee information to business results. This is an invaluable quick reference for chief human resource officers and other leadership team members to get a pulse on and refine talent strategy.

Required products: Payroll module 

Use case Examples:

  • How have the changes I’ve made impacted turnover?
  • How many individuals do we employ during a given time period?
  • Is my predicted payroll spend on or off budget?
  • How have my investments per worker impacted revenue and business results?



Talent Acquisition Dashboard


Core HR, Payroll, and Talent Acquisition modules



Use case Examples:

  • What are my best sources for talent?
  • How well am I doing with talent acquisition? Are there changes that need to be made to job descriptions/processes that will create efficiency and better outcomes? 
  • What department/EIN/manager has applicants accepting offers at a higher rate?



Time & Labor Dashboard

Many factors contribute to labor expenses, and it’s important to have a clear picture of which ones impact your organization the most. With the Time & Labor dashboard, your organization’s line managers can evaluate all of the components related to their labor expenses and analyze the elements that can affect them most, like overtime, seasonality, and shifting the workforce to meet deadlines.

Required products: Time & Labor Management module



Use case Examples:

  • How well does our predicted labor need match our schedule?
  • How well are managers performing compared to peers in managing
    labor expenses?
  • How do labor expenses compare from department to department and
    employee to employee?
  • What changes have positively or negatively impacted productivity?


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