June 2018 Release Notes Summary

 To take place on June 14, 2018 from 11:30 pm to 4:00 am EST

A summary of the enhancements for the next system release is listed below. 
A further in-depth explanation of each product enhancement is available by clicking any of the following:

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Browser Support

We support the following browsers and versions:

  • IE: 10 and 11
  • Edge
  • Chrome/Firefox/Safari: Current versions
  • Mobile: We have limited support for mobile platforms using the browsers listed above



HR Enhancements

The following enhancements have been added to this release.


HR Classic UI Enhancements

The following enhancements for the Classic UI have been added to this release. See description in the User Interfaces section above for more details.

Benefit Change Request Deletion

WFR-70532: Benefit Change Requests frequently need to be deleted. With this release, users no longer need to contact support representatives to have the data removed because new menu items enable users to delete this data themselves, provided they have permission in their security profiles. 

The Delete Selected button allows users to select requests from the Change Requests Summary under My Employees > Employee HR Maintenance > Benefits for removal. The change requests must be in a New or Submitted state.

EIN Transfer HR Action

WFR-68936: The EIN Transfer Action has been enhanced to support additional employee account demographic fields. Fields in the EIN Transfer Action are populated with the attributes from the original employee account; these fields can then be modified in the transfer action and will be updated in the employee’s new account.

  • Height
  • Gender
  • Eye Color
  • Actual Marital Status
  • Primary Language
  • Secondary Language
  • FT Student
  • Are You A Protected Veteran and related fields
  • Visa type and dependent fields
  • Citizenship
  • Citizenship UK
  • Weight
  • Disability
  • Spouse
  • Ethnicity
  • Ethnicity UK
  • Photo

In addition, the EIN Transfer Action has been enhanced to support any account extra fields as well as most date fields defined for accounts. Support for all fields is planned for a future release.

Job Page Restriction of Blank Values for Security Profile

WFR-74593: A new validation has been added to the Job page that will prevent a user from creating a job or editing an existing job where the security profile is blank and the Allow Override At Employee Level checkbox is unchecked. The additional validation was added to prevent issues with employee logins because if Allow Override At Employee Level is unchecked, security profiles cannot be overridden at the employee level and a blank security profile could lead to login issues for an employee.

HR Position Management

Multiple enhancements have been made for Position Management. Details are included below.

Annual Position Base Compensation Auto-Population
WFR-72990: The process of assigning hourly employees to positions has been simplified. When an employee is assigned to a position, the system pre-populates the Annual Position Base Comp field with the annual compensation amount from the employee’s Base Compensation widget on the Employee Information page.  Previously, if the employee was hourly, only the hourly amount would be populated.  With this enhancement, the employee’s annual base compensation is auto-populated now for both hourly and salaried employees.

NOTE: Any changes to the values entered in the Annual Position Base Comp field will not change the employee’s base compensation nor affect what they are paid.

Position Page Restriction of Blank Values in Security Profiles
WFR-74654, WFR-74622: A new validation has been added to the Position page that will prevent a user from creating a position or editing an existing position where the security profile is blank and the Allow Override At Employee Level checkbox is unchecked. The additional validation was added to prevent issues with employee logins because if Allow Override At Employee Level is unchecked, security profiles cannot be overridden at the employee level and a blank security profile could lead to login issues for an employee.

Position Management Imports  
WFR-67987: A new template has been created for the import of positions. The import template can be opened by clicking the Excel link in the Import Overview under Company Settings > Imports > Overview. The Positions import falls under the HR category in the Import Overview.

WFR-67988: Users must have the Positions import enabled on their assigned security profile to import positions. Access can be granted in the Imports section of the Modules tab found when opening a security profile through Company Settings > Profiles/Policies > Security.

WFR-67989: Positions can be manually imported into the system by populating a Positions import template, saving the file in Excel or CSV format, and importing the file from Company Settings > Imports > HR > Position Management.

NOTE: Positions cannot be imported using Middleware, REST APIs or SOAP APIs.

Within the template, the following can be defined:

  • Position attributes, for example: Name, Description and Effective From

  • Default Cost Centers and Default Cost Center Overrides

  • Budget Options

  • Reporting structureEINs, to enable positions to be associated with multiple EINs.

  • Default profiles and fields associated with the position. These defaults can be applied or overridden when employees are assigned to the position.

IMPORTANT NOTE: Rules for importing positions are fully documented in the June, 2018 HR Release Notes. Before using the import, it is advisable to read the full documentation, which describes the relationships between existing company or job defaults and position defaults and how the import affects multi-EIN companies.

Position Hierarchy Chart
WFR-58735: The Position Hierarchy chart can be accessed from Our Company > Position Hierarchy Chart. The Position Hierarchy chart can be accessed by all users. Users with Positions page access enabled in their security profiles will be provided with an active link to the positions.

WFR-72501: The chart filters to three levels by default.

Widgets Added to Position Screen
Training and Credentials widgets have been added to the Position pages under Company Setup > HR Setup > Positions. Requirements or recommendations to be considered when assigning employees to positions can be added in those widgets.

Credentials Added to Position Screen
WFR-63827: The widget is used to specify the credentials an employee should have on their record to be assigned to a position. Credential requirements can be added by clicking the Add New button in the widget.

Training/Certifications Added to Position Screen
WFR-63402: The Training/Certifications widget is used to specify recommended or required training/certifications for employees who may be assigned to a position. New requirements can be added by pressing the Add New button in the widget and entering the requirements for the position.

If the position is cloned, the training and certifications requirements are copied to the new position.

Training and certifications associated with a position can be deleted from the position, but cannot be deleted from the system.


HR New UI Enhancements

The following enhancements for the New UI have been added to this release. Please remember that the New UI can encompass both the mobile app on mobile devices and the desktop version, using the .home URL. See description in the User Interfaces section above for more details.

HR Checklists

Applicant Checklists
WFR-64113, WFR-64116: Applicants can now complete checklists within the mobile app or by logging into .home. Checklists are configured under Recruitment > Configuration > Checklists. Currently, Custom Form, Hyperlink and Simple Check items can be added to recruiting checklists. Checklists can be assigned to applicants manually, from a workflow or automatically when the Auto Add to New Applicants box is checked in the checklist configuration.

WFR-64115, WFR-64151: Applicants are notified after an applicant checklist has been assigned upon login. After navigating to My HR > Checklists, the applicant can begin the process of completing the checklist items. Tapping the arrow by the checklist notification opens the notification.

Navigating to My Info > My HR > Checklists displays a list of checklists to be completed by the applicant. To access the checklist items, tap the checklist name.

Manager Access to Mobile Features
WFR-64118, WFR-64126, WFR-64127, WFR-64128: Managers now have access to the same checklist functionality as their employees. Managers can now upload supporting documents to a checklist, download a pdf of a checklist and add notes to a checklist item for checklists assigned to their team. These features were not previously available to managers.

Deleting Checklists
WFR-64132: Managers can now delete checklists for employees from either the Checklist report or from the employee’s record.

Checklist Items Details
WFR-64125: Managers can now view checklist items in the New UI on the Checklist Items tab under Team > HR > Checklists. On this tab, users can search for a checklist item by name, view the status of checklist items and filter by employees, status or year.

Uploading or Viewing Checklist Documents from Open and Submitted Tabs
WFR-71306: Documents can now be uploaded and viewed from the Open and Submitted tabs under My HR > Checklists. In the mobile app, documents can be uploaded after tapping the triple dot icon. A paper clip icon is available in the Supporting Documents row if any documents have been uploaded. Tapping the icon displays a list of links to uploaded documents from which uploaded documents can be deleted.

The same feature is available to .home users. Documents can be uploaded by clicking the triple dot icon in the Actions column to upload documents. The paper clip icon in the Supporting Documents column is a link that will display a list of previously loaded documents.

Type Added to Open Tab
WFR-71291, WFR-71293: The Checklist Open and Submitted tabs have been enhanced with the addition of a new column for Type. Checklists are grouped by Name to make them easier to find. The All Types dropdown list can be used to filter checklists by type.

Completing a Checklist
WFR-68336: After completing all items in a checklist, the Submitted tab under My HR > Checklists is now displayed and the completed checklist appears in the list.

HR Actions**

In the April 2018 release, we began the roll out of HR Actions for the New UI, which can be used in the Mobile App as well as the desktop, using the .home URL. New HR Actions are available in this release.

In the New UI, HR Actions are accessed under My Info > My HR > HR Actions and under Team > HR > HR Actions.

Mobile HR Actions Overview
Because not all HR Action items are yet available in the New UI, a message will display explaining this and users should go to their desktop version where HR Actions are fully supported. If a non-supported HR Action is assigned to a user, and the user views it within the New UI, they will be unable to complete the action and the Start link will be grayed out, but they can view or delete, if authorized, but will not be able to edit or submit. These types of actions will also display a (coming soon) link and when clicked, will display the same message shown at the top of the list.  

Supported HR Actions Items for Mobile & New UI as of This Release


WFR-74312: In the initial release of HR Actions in the New UI, users could not access all the fields that were available to Classic users. With this release, security restriction overrides now take effect for mobile app and .home users. These users now have access to the same fields available to Classic users, including: direct deposit sequence numbers, effective dates, calculation methods, account type, ABA and account numbers and totals deposited by payroll, month, quarter and year.

In addition, the override flag now enables managers and employees to reserve live checks even if the manager or employee does not have permission to do so in the security profile.

**For full details regarding updates to HR Actions in the New UI, please see the complete HR Release Notes for June 2018.

Custom Forms Support – My Employee Action
WFR-64566: Managers can now fill out custom forms to update the information on their employees’ records in HR Actions. Managers can view or edit the custom form based on the permissions granted in their security profile. The Override Permissions flag in the HR Action can be used to override these settings, giving the manager View/Edit/Add/Delete permission for the custom forms in the HR Action. Warnings appear if the user does not have appropriate permission and a form is included in the action.

Default Cost Center – Apply Defaults Popup Modified**
WFR-73914: When a manager updates an employee’s default cost center in an HR Action, default profiles and attributes associated with the new default cost center can be applied, overriding the specified settings in the action details. The pop-up indicating which employee attributes will be affected has been enhanced with a new layout. To prevent the new cost center’s defaults from automatically changing employee settings, the checkboxes for the affected fields can be unchecked.

WFR-72463: If both Base Compensation and Default Cost Center are included in the HR Action, and the selected default cost center has base compensation configured, the Apply Defaults pop-up will appear, enabling users to determine whether the compensation amount entered in the Base Compensation action details or the Cost Center default should be used.

WFR-42764: HR actions can contain both Cost Center and Default Job action items. Both cost centers and jobs can have defaults assigned that affect the employee’s account. If the cost center defaults and job defaults include the same default fields, the job defaults take precedence.

**For full details, please see the complete HR Release Notes for June 2018.

Replace First Step of Employee/Applicant/Job Selection with a Pop-Up on Landing Page
WFR-71782: When initiating an HR Action request in the New UI, a new pop-up appears. The pop-up appears after clicking Start from the Available tab under Team > HR Actions, or when selecting the Start Another option from the Open tab.

Hire actions require the user to distinguish between existing employees who may be changing jobs and new applicants. Instructions are provided on the pop-up. For other types of HR Actions, the employees can be retrieved from a Search.

Improved Layout in HR Action Request Screens
WFR-72085: The HR Actions request details screens have been enhanced to better respond to the available screen size. Mobile app and .home users will see details associated with an HR Action request in a single column for small screens like those on mobile phones. The details screen expands to up to three columns for larger screens, like desktop systems.

HR Action Approvals in Workflows**
WFR-65052: For companies with position management enabled, direct managers of employees, as indicated in the position management hierarchy, can now be designated as approvers of HR Actions in Approve/Reject workflow steps.

**For full details, please see the complete HR Release Notes for June 2018.

Save/Continue/Submit Behavior for the Request
WFR-71272: The button behavior on screens displayed when viewing HR Action request details has been enhanced. Save and Submit buttons are displayed on the screen for requests for each group. Save buttons validate the data entered in the fields for the group and save valid data. Errors are generated and invalid fields are highlighted if the data entered is invalid.


I-9 Employment Eligibility Verification

Employee Creation and Submittal of I-9 Forms
WFR-63971, WFR-65532: Employees with appropriate permission can now download, create and complete I-9 forms from the mobile app or .home login. New I-9 forms can be created by tapping the Add icon from the Available tab under My Info > HR > Forms. The details icon on the left can be used to preview an I-9 form prior to completion. After confirming that a new form is required, three details sections must be completed. These sections contain the information required for Section 1 of an I-9 form.

WFR-65530, WFR-67829: The Personal Information section is pre-populated with available system data. Tapping the question mark by each field displays instructions. The Additional Information section specifies the reason why the employee is authorized to work in the United States and a third section is used to indicate whether a preparer or translator assisted in filling out the form. After all sections have been completed, the form can be submitted.

WFR-65534: Tapping the triple dot icon presents users with additional options depending upon whether the form has been saved or submitted. After the form has been created, users have the option to download a PDF of the form or view instructions for completion of the form. After the form is submitted, notes can be added and users have the option view details, download a PDF of the form or create another form.

WFR-70498: The lists of forms on the SUBMITTED tab can be filtered by status and year of submittal.

Rename the Withholding Downloads

WFR-75435: The menu used to download W-4 certificates and worksheets has been updated. From My Info > My HR > Forms, users can select W-4. Tapping the triple dot icon will display a menu with two options, Download Certificate and Download Worksheet.

The Download Certificate option is used to view the initial and completed W-4 certificates. Download Worksheet always shows a blank PDF of the W-4 worksheet.


Payroll Enhancements

The following enhancements have been added to this release.

Payroll Classic UI Enhancements

The following enhancements for the Classic UI have been added to this release. See description in the User Interfaces section above for more details.

Company Taxes: Validate EIN Format

WFR-70973: The system now runs a validation to verify that the format of an EIN (State or Local) is accurate and acceptable when a Company Tax record is saved. The record will be saved successfully if the format of the EIN is valid. Users will be unable to save the Company Tax record if the EIN is formatted incorrectly, and an error message displays presenting the user with the applicable EIN formats based on the jurisdiction and tax type.

Pay Statements: Hidden MICR and Signatures on Printed Checks

WFR-61445: The MICR line and Signature(s) are now hidden when an employee prints (PDF) a Pay Statement from Employee Self Service (ESS).

MICR and Signature(s) are not shown in the Pay Statement preview and PDF in ESS. The MICR line and Signatures are shown in the Pay Statement preview and PDF for System Admins or Payroll Admins with security permissions to view the Pay Statement with the Signatures and MICR line and download the PDF. 

QuickBooks (IIF) v2

WFR-66905: Within the QB v2 data export, there is a default setting for the Accnt # (line 7) under the Empl Check tab. The default setting for Accnt # has been changed from Payment Warehouse Entry/Bank Account Name to Pay Statement Record/Pay From Bank: QB Account #. This change will affect any new QuickBooks (IIF) v2 System Data Exports. Any existing exports must be updated manually to change the value for the ACCNT column.

WFR-66902: The ACCNT column within the Empl Check Offset record type has been updated. When editing the column, a label has been changed from Override Direct Deposit Value to Override Direct Deposit Offset Account. This change affects both new and existing QuickBooks (IIF) v2 system data exports.

Reports: Payroll Recap & Funding Report Enhancements

WFR-57642: The Payroll Recap & Funding report now updates all sections prior to completion of the Finalize step for a payroll. The report displays the same information for all statuses of a payroll including open, closed, submitted, and finalized. This allows users to view the funding portion of the report to determine the total cash requirements for the payroll, regardless of whether the payroll is initialized, closed, submitted and/or finalized.

NOTE: Please see the following important details about invoice information.

  • Before a payroll is closed, invoice information will not be available on the Payroll Recap & Funding report.
  • After a payroll is closed, and prior to payroll finalization, invoice information will only be seen in the Billing section of Payroll Recap & Funding report.
  • After payroll finalization, invoice information will be seen in the Billing and Recap sections of the Payroll Recap & Funding report.

Reports: Cost Center Fields in General Ledger (Summary) Report

WFR-38263: For each level of the cost center(s), the cost center External Id, Payroll Code and Name columns are now available for inclusion in the General Ledger (Summary) report using the Select Columns feature. These columns can be added to the report and included in an export of the report.

Security: Security Profiles Field Level Delivery Settings

WFR-64166: To help further define user access to the Default Delivery Destinations, additional security settings are now available within the Security Profiles on the Global tab in the Company Setup section. Users can now enable Read Only settings for Pay Statements, Vendor Checks, W2s and 1099s.

These settings also apply to the Delivery Policy Overrides available under Company Settings > Global Setup > Cost Centers > Edit Tree Settings.

Additionally, these options will lock down the Default Delivery Settings under Company Settings > Global Setup > Company Setup, along with all settings within the Delivery Policy under Company Settings > Profiles/Policies > Delivery > Delivery Policy, including any cover pages and instruction pages associated with the specific setting.

Security: Security Profiles Settings for Field Level Default Bank Account Info

WFR-67492: Security Profiles now include settings to allow View only access to Default Bank Account information and associated Bank Accounts. Child settings for employee check payments, employee Direct Deposits, tax payments and/or Default Vendor Settings related to Default Bank Accounts. Security access for the new child settings apply to the Default Bank Accounts available under Company Settings > Cost Centers > Edit Tree.


Payroll New UI Enhancements

The following enhancements for the New UI have been added to this release. Please remember that the New UI can encompass both the mobile app on mobile devices and the desktop version, using the .home URL. See description in the User Interfaces section above for more details.

Federal W-4 Withholding Form

WFR-73272, WFR-73273, WFR-73267, WFR-73266, WFR-73270: Users can now download the Federal W-4 withholding form in the new UI and new Mobile App. In addition to downloading the form, users can also:

  • Add personal information when an individual W-4 form is selected.
  • Save and Submit the W-4 form. The appropriate validations will occur, and users will be prompted with the esignature option upon submitting the form.
  • Download and manually complete the W-4 worksheet components, or available fields, for the form such as allowances and additional amount.
  • View a list of Federal W-4 forms, for which users can add a new form, download a form, add notes, or edit individual W-4 forms. 


Scheduler Enhancements

The following enhancements have been added to this release.

Scheduler Classic UI Enhancements

The following enhancements for the Classic UI have been added to this release. See description in the User Interfaces section above for more details.

Employee Perspectives: Rule for Coverage Requests Made

WFR-61329: A new Employee Perspectives rule, Coverage Requests Made, can now be used to capture information about coverage requests and the frequency at which employees initiate the requests.

The rule can be added and configured within the Employee Perspectives Profiles. Users can define points assigned to specific request percentage ranges for the selected Employee Perspectives category.

Employee Perspectives: Rule for Coverage Request Responses

WFR-70485: A new Employee Perspectives rule, Coverage Requests Responses, can now be used to capture information about coverage requests and the responses to the requests.

The rule can be added and configured within the Employee Perspectives Profiles. Users can define points assigned to specified request response percentage ranges for the selected Employee Perspectives category.

Employee Perspectives: Rule for Manager Approved Coverage Requests

WFR-70484: A new Employee Perspectives rule, Coverage Manager Approvals, can now be used to capture information about coverage requests approved by a manger.

The rule can be added and configured within the Employee Perspectives Profiles. Users can define points assigned to specified approval percentage ranges for the selected Employee Perspectives category.

Imports: Remove Cost Centers with Scheduled Cost Center Import

WFR-66436: When using the Scheduled Cost Center import, the ability to utilize the Clear function to remove an employee’s scheduled cost center from the system is now available within the import.

When Clear/clear is entered as the value in the Clear column, the associated scheduled cost center will be removed.

NOTE: When a user imports a file with a Y in the Is Home and Is Float columns, the file is rejected with an error message explaining Cannot clear a cost center that is set to home or float. If a user enters the incorrect cost center(s) to clear, the file will be rejected with a generic message. 

Workload Manager: Color Code Variance Values in Schedule Views for Long Term Care

WFR-66930: With the Workload Manager functionality for Long Term Care, data is displayed in the View by Employee and View by Cost Center. Included in the data is a variance that displays if there are not enough hours scheduled to meet HPPD requirements, or if there are excess hours scheduled.

Negative variance cells are now displayed in red, and positive variances are green. An exact amount (variance of 0) remains in the default color.


Scheduler New UI Enhancements

The following enhancements for the New UI have been added to this release. Please remember that the New UI can encompass both the mobile app on mobile devices and the desktop version, using the .home URL. See description in the User Interfaces section above for more details.

Skills Widget from Employee Profile

WFR-68228: The Skills widget from within the Employee Profile is now available within the Employee Information in the new UI and Mobile App.

NOTE: Certain features within the widget such as Schedulable and Primary skills rely upon the Scheduler module only.

Visual Indicators in Schedule Calendar

WFR-68324: Visual indicators/icons have been added to the calendar available to employees so that the employees know when there is: 

  • Time Off
  • Holidays
  • Scheduled shift(s)
  • Posted shift(s)
  • Open shift(s)


Cross Product Enhancements

The following enhancements have been added to this release.

IMPORTANT NOTE: In this release, we have moved the New UI enhancements for each product module to their respective release notes; i.e., New UI enhancements for HR, Payroll, TLM and Scheduler are now documented within those product’s release notes. New UI enhancements that are common across all products will be listed below; i.e., Reports and Platform enhancements.

New! Data Retention Functionality

In this release, we are introducing new Data Retention functionality. The Data Retention features allow companies to determine how long data should be kept in the system before it is removed. With an increasing emphasis on privacy laws requiring employers to stay in compliance with local laws and statutes, this tool provides a flexible experience that can assist in the handling of employee data.

The new Data Retention functionality may be considered useful by companies who are affected by and are reviewing their data protection policies and processes in line with the European GDPR (General Data Protection Regulation). Equally, other companies who wish to retain data for minimum periods, but remove older data may find this new functionality beneficial to them.

A new user guide is available which contains information about the configuration elements available within the application.

User Guide Name: Data Retention Configuration User Guide

Location: Global > User Guides

Access Path: In your application, navigate to the following paths.

  • For Partners - To view notes associated with this release, log in to your Admin account and go to: Distribution > Tools > Download Documents.
  • For Workforce Ready Clients - To view the notes associated with this release, log in to your account and go to: Our Company > Service Provider Documents.

NOTE: For our European customers, the guide will be translated into Dutch and French.

New! Two-Factor Authentication Settings Added

WFR-72470, WFR-72466, WFR-72467

In this release, we have made some changes to two-factor authentication which will centralize settings and make management of the functionality easier. Should a problem occur with one of the options, an administrator can come to this widget and switch users to another type. The following has been completed:

Administrator - Company Level Widget

A new widget has been created to house all three forms of authentication (Virtual Code Authentication, RSA Token, Third-Party Authentication Google Authenticator.)

This widget is added by editing the company at the Admin level under Maintenance > Companies > All System Companies and then clicking the Edit Company icon. Click the Edit Tabs link and drag the Two-Factor Authentication Preferences widget into the desired location and tab.

  • New accounts will inherit RSA & Third-Party Authenticator and these settings will be turned on by default when the account is created (providing those settings are checked in the widget as a requirement.)
  • Admin companies will be required to have one form of authentication, but non-admins will have the option to turn off RSA & Third-Party Authenticator.
  • Require Google Authenticator – No additional settings are included when checking this option.
  • Require RSA Token – A grace period can set in hours after checking this option. This will allow time to assign users their tokens.
  • Enable Virtual Code Authentication – Contains standard options for VCA including account locking after x number of invalid attempts, the Remember Me option, code transmittal (text, phone or email) and an area to add whitelisted IP addresses.

The RSA Token setting that was located within the Account Information widget of Employee Information was moved to the Admin level widget. The checkbox in the Admin widget will allow the option to enforce an RSA token to be required even if a token is not currently assigned.

Employee Level Two-Factor Authentication Widget

The Clear Virtual Code Settings was moved from the Admin level to the employee level to make it easier to control the clearing of VCA settings on an employee by employee basis.


Classic Cross Product UI Enhancements

ACA Enhancements

The following enhancements for ACA have been completed and are listed below.

Account Responsible For Event in ACA Predicted Status Changed Notification
WFR-21020: The Account Responsible For Event option for Recipients sent the ACA Predicted Status Changed notification to the employee, which is already a separate Recipients option (Employee). As such, the Account Responsible For Event has been removed as an option for Recipients.

Available Tags for Notifications
WFR-22821: Additional Available Tags such as first name and last name are now available for use within the notifications related to ACA changes.

New UI Enhancements

The following enhancements for the New UI have been added to this release. Please remember that the New UI can encompass both the mobile app on mobile devices and the desktop version, using the .home URL. See description in the User Interfaces section above for more details.

General Enhancements

The enhancements listed below in this section have been completed for the New UI and apply to the platform, including navigation, and other cross platform options.

Overflow Button
WFR-68623, WFR-73503: When screen space is limited and buttons do not fit within the available space, the button furthest from the left now displays as three dots. When selected, the triple dot menu will display additional options. This update applies on all browsers and mobile platforms.

Mobile Experience: Enhanced Support for Refresh
WFR-36579: The Mobile experience has been updated to support a common mobile interaction which refreshes the application on a downward swipe from the top of the mobile screen.

Mobile: New Option to Ignore Geo-fencing Check on Cost Centers
WFR-72475: Within cost center configuration, a new Ignore Geo-fencing Check (Mobile) setting is now available. This setting will give companies the ability to ignore distance checks when an address is listed on a cost center. By default, this option will be unchecked. When checked, the system will not check the location.

NOTE: This option will only affect the new mobile app, not the classic mobile app.

**For full details, please see the complete Cross Product Release Notes for June 2018.

Mobile: Touch ID Support Added
WFR-63224, WFR-76266, WFR-62668: The Touch ID login that is available on most mobile devices is now available for the new Mobile App. This functionality is enabled within the New UI Preferences widget on the main page of user security profiles.

NOTE: Currently, iPhone X is not supported. If VCA (Virtual Code Authentication) is enabled, Touch ID can still be used once user enters their VCA credentials.

**For full details, please see the complete Cross Product Release Notes for June 2018.


Reports in the New UI

The following enhancements have been completed for reports within the New UI and are listed below.

Reports: Custom Filters
WFR-72851, WFR-64357: The New UI now supports the use of custom filters in reports. Custom filters must be created by desktop users, but once created, the filters can be used to limit the amount of report data returned by mobile app users as well.

To create a custom filter after logging in with .home, click on the filter icon and add the filter from the Custom tab. Conditions can be added to narrow the results returned in the report. Apply buttons save the conditions as you build the filter. Clicking Apply on the Custom tab applies the filter to the report, limiting the number of rows returned.

If a filter has been defined, the Custom Filter pill appears in the report. The toggle button within the pill can be used to enable or disable the filter. Clicking on the filter icon within the pill brings up the Custom tab, enabling desktop users to further edit the filter or delete it.

Reports: Date Picker Allows Manual Entry in Global Filter
WFR-64185: When users define a report filter, the Global tab of the filter will allow users to choose dates from the calendar and will now allow manual entry of dates in the From and To fields.

Reports: Grouped Columns Displayed with Employee Id
WFR-71509: When a report is grouped by an Employee Id, all fields used to identify the employee will now be displayed in the Grouped By column, separated by commas. With this enhancement, it is easier to identify the employee in grouped reports.

Reports: Ungrouping Reports in the Mobile App
WFR-62474: In the April, 2018 release, users could view grouped reports. In this release, the ability to remove the grouping, or Ungroup the reports has been added to the action popover displayed for grouped reports. If the report is not grouped, the Ungroup option does not appear.

Reports: Exporting from My Scheduled Reports
WFR-69292: Users of the New UI Experience can now export the reports listed under My Scheduled Reports to view the report data. The export icon displays on the right side of the screen. Users must have the appropriate permissions configured in security profiles to schedule and export reports.

NOTE: Mobile app users can only export to CSV. Users of the .home experience have a wide variety of export formats from which to choose.

Reports: Viewing Reports with Small Screen Size
WFR-68356: Users now have access to full desktop capabilities for reports when viewing reports on mobile devices with limited screen space. In previous releases, if the screen size was reduced to 360 pixels or less, the report was displayed as it would be in the mobile app, resulting in limited functionality. For example, users could not add or delete columns in reports. Users who login from a URL entered in a browser on a mobile device with limited screen size will now have access to the same capabilities as desktop users.

NOTE: This change was added to support users who may be travelling and need additional report features when viewing reports form locations where they do not have access to desktop or laptop systems with larger screen sizes. It does not change the behavior of the mobile app.

Reports: Saving Reports
WFR-66938: The ability to save a view in a report is now available within reports of the New UI. The option to Save View or Save View As is available and will work the same as it does in the Classic UI. Users can select to not allow deletion, make it the default report view, and to share the saved view with other users. Security profiles should allow users the Report Sharing User Selection permission. 

Reports: Additional Reports Added
New reports can now be viewed in the New UI. The new reports are listed in the tables in the Cross Product Release Notes for June 2018. (WFR-72155)

**For full details, please see the complete Cross Product Release Notes for June 2018.


New! Report Charts

In this release, we are beginning the roll out a new feature for reports named Report Charts. The charts are a graphical representation of report data and metrics and are only available in the New UI, using the mobile app or on the desktop using the .home URL.

Show/Hide Charts
In the New UI, navigate to any report and click the triple dot icon drop-down and select the option to Show Charts. This is a toggle and can be used again to Hide Charts. But when showing charts, a panel under the report will open which will allow you to create new charts or pull in existing ones.

Creating New Charts
After selecting Show Charts, select Create Chart in the panel below the report. On the resulting pop-up, select the type of chart (Vertical Bar, Horizontal Bar, Line, or Pie) and then select the data and type an optional customized title. Each chart type may allow for different data to be selected. For example, all but the pie chart can contain more than one metric. Save when done and the chart will display under the report.

NOTE: The data and item to display come directly from the report and cannot be added to the chart if they don’t already exist in the report. Make sure your report contains all the data columns needed prior to creating the chart.   

Each chart contains the options to be edited or removed. A hamburger menu is also available in each chart to allow for printing or downloading of the chart.

Select Charts
Once a chart is saved, the chart will be available to be selected and added by using the Select Charts option. Within the pop-up, you can edit or delete a chart.

Chart Views
Once you have charts pulled into your selected report, there are important items to know:

  • A single chart will consume the entire space of the chart panel. This will resize based on the number of charts that are created and displayed. There is a max of three charts per single row.
  • All charts will reflect the complete report provided above it. If there are six pages for a report and you are looking at only the first page, the charts will show data from all six pages.
  • All charts will filter based on the report as well. If the default date range for the report is Today, and then this is changed to This Week, all charts will instantly update along with the report.
  • There is a menu option in each displayed chart that will provide access to edit the chart as well as remove from view.
  • Charts will also display when using the mobile app.
  • Much like the report has a full screen icon, there is one provided for charts as well. Users can use this a more of a ‘dashboard view’ of all charts for the report.
  • If a chart was created using a category or metric that is no longer in the report, you will see an error message in the chart itself.
  • Add the applicable columns back in the report and the chart will refresh.

My Dashboard
The ability to create charts for reports allows for compelling at-a-glance visuals of your data. Providing the ability to use those charts from a variety of reports on a home screen dashboard brings incredibly important information to users right when they log in.

We now have the ability for users to customize their own dashboard experience directly from the home screen.

Initial Configuration (Admin)
An administrator will need to enable this feature on the New UI Dashboard Layout Profile. Navigate to the profile under Company Settings > Profiles/Policies > New UI Dashboard Layout. Enable the checkbox for Show My Dashboard. This will allow for the dashboard to display automatically for any user who has this profile.

My Dashboard Configuration (User)
Once My Dashboard is enabled, users will simply login and see a new tab appear in their home landing page. Initially, this will be a blank page since it is reliant on the user to build from charts that they have created.

**For full details, please see the complete Cross Product Release Notes for June 2018.


Discontinued REST APIs in This Release
The v1/employee/contacts endpoint has been discontinued and replaced with the v2/companies/{cid}/contacts.

Planned Discontinuation
Resources in the Employees, Employee, Mailbox and Employee Skills APIs are scheduled for discontinuation in October, 2018**. Replacement versions will be available.

New and Modified APIs
Cost Center Lists

WFR-69982, WFR-72647: A new API has been added that will create or fetch the cost center limit lists configured within the company. Include the company id in the endpoint.

WFR-72647: An existing list can be updated with a PUT request, or deleted with a DELETE request. The PUT request will delete any lists that aren’t included in the request body. The company id and list id must be included in the endpoint.

**For full details, please see the complete Cross Product Release Notes for June 2018.








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